January 18,2024

10 Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

The ideal water pressure rating for your home falls within a range of 40 to 80 pounds per square inch (psi). This range ensures optimal performance for your appliances and plumbing while minimizing the risk of damage or safety hazards.

Here's a breakdown of the ideal water pressure range and its benefits:

  • 40-50 psi: This is considered the low end of the acceptable range. While it might not be ideal for powerful showers or quickly filling washing machines, it’s generally safe for your plumbing system and appliances.
  • 50-60 psi: This is the sweet spot for most homes. It provides good water flow for most tasks without putting undue strain on your pipes or fixtures.
  • 60-70 psi: This is still within the acceptable range, but some older appliances or plumbing systems might start showing signs of stress at this pressure.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

  • Water Supplier Issues

This is less common, but sometimes low water pressure can be due to issues with the municipal water supply, like breaks in the main line or maintenance work. Before anything else, contact your local water company to check if there are any known issues in your area.

  • Pressure Regulator Malfunction

As the name suggests, a pressure regulator regulates incoming water pressure to ensure it’s within a safe range for your home's plumbing. If it malfunctions, it can restrict water flow and lead to low pressure. Over time, sediment or mineral deposits can accumulate in the pressure regulator, hindering its ability to function properly. If your pressure regulator is failing, call a nearby plumber to diagnose and repair, or replace the pressure regulator.

  • Clogged Water Pipes

Another common culprit behind low water pressure is clogs. Here are the three main causes of pipe clogs:

  • Mineral buildup: Mineral deposits from hard water can accumulate inside pipes, narrowing the passage and reducing water flow.
  • Corrosion or rust: Older pipes, especially galvanized steel pipes, are susceptible to corrosion and rust, which can create obstructions and impede water flow.
  • Root intrusion: Tree roots growing near underground pipes can break or clog them, causing significant water pressure drops.

If you notice something new, like gurgling sounds that you’ve never heard before, it could be a sign of a developing clog. Call a trusted plumbing repair service for a plumbing inspection.

  • Leaking Pipes

Even small leaks in underground pipes or behind walls can significantly impact water pressure throughout your home. Worn-out or cracked seals around pipe connections can allow water to escape, reducing pressure in the system. If you notice signs of water leaks, such as water stains on walls and low water pressure, get in touch with a nearby plumbing service for plumbing repairs.

  • Main Valve Is Slightly Closed

The main shutoff valve controls the water supply entering your home. If it’s not fully open, it can restrict water flow and lead to low pressure. If you suspect the culprit could be a slightly closed main valve, check its position and turn the handle gently to see if it’s fully open. If the valve is slightly closed, turn it slowly and steadily in the opposite direction until it stops. Don’t overexert yourself, as forcing the valve can damage it.

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