June 28,2018

A-Z Glossary of Plumbing Terms

There are some terms everyone should be familiar with, whether homeowners or plumbing service providers. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown provides more definition on all plumbing terms. As a homeowner, some of the most important plumbing terms you should be familiar with are;

#1: Aerator- This is the fitting installed in the ends of plumbing fixtures to ensure proper mixing of air and water. This component will help increase the conservation of water and reduction in water flow waste.

#2: Air Admittance Valve- This valve is installed and utilized to allow the movement of air into a drain system, without the need to use a vent. This will help prevent offensive smell emanating from the drains to reach the home.

#3: Backflow- This is a condition whereby water flows back from one plumbing system into another especially through blockages of the drain or siphoning.

#4: Backwater valve- this is a valve installed in the sewer line and this valve prevents sewage or wastewater from flowing back into the home.

#5: Basket strainer- this is a special type of metal or plastic cup that contains holes or slot. The cup fits perfectly inside a drain, and ensure that incoming waste in the drain is filtered to remove any debris before they get into the pipe.

#6: Bio-degradable- this refers to any material that can be broken down and degraded, especially through the natural process. The non-biodegradable material is the one that cannot be broken down.

#7: Blackwater- This is the wastewater emanating from sewer pipes, waste drains, toilets and other plumbing fixtures.

#8: Check valves These are one-way valves with a single inlet and outlet that allows liquid to flow in one direction only. Check valves do come with slam shut feature that stops the flow in the opposite direction, hence liquid can only flow in one direction at a time.

#9: The Closet flange- This is a special type of anchoring ring that attaches the toilet closet to the floor, and the top of the closet do have bolts that will secure the connection in place.

#10 Deionization- This is the process of treating mineral water and reducing the level of Ions within or a process of transforming mineralized water into a non-mineral state. A deionized water is the one that is free of inorganic waste, after deionization.


#12: Drain cleaning service- this is a special service provided by drain cleaners with special appliances such as hydro jetting, in the removal of obstructions such as debris along the length of the drain.

#13: Duo-Valve- This is a twin valve mechanism that controls the hot and cold feature through an On/Off lever that either turn on or shuts off the valve.

You can contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown for the complete Glossary of all Plumbing terms. A knowledge of these terms can give you an understanding of the functions of each component within the Plumbing system. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown offers a comprehensive plumbing service with 100% reliable plumbing components.

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