June 20,2023

Cleaning Hair Out of a Drain

Drains collect a lot of waste with time, which means there’s bound to be a clog. Nothing is more frustrating than a slow drain or wastewater backup because of accumulated waste in the lines. The most common cause of buildup in drain lines is hair. While it drains in small quantities when showering, it clumps with dirt and debris. If your bathroom drain is not flowing effectively, it might be time to consult a professional plumbing service.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown leverages state-of-the-art equipment to locate and clear the clog without causing further damage. Although many homeowners choose chemical cleaners to address the problem, some products contain corrosive ingredients which damage plumbing lines. Once you notice slow drains, here are effective methods to remedy the situation.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

A safer alternative than corrosive chemical cleaners is a mixture of grease-fighting soap, baking soda, and vinegar. Add the dish soap into the drain, followed by a cup of baking soda. Ensure the mix gets down the drain before pouring a cup of vinegar. The mixture creates a chemical reaction that causes fizzling. Wait five minutes or after the sizzling and pour hot water down the drains.

The fizzling sound is caused by baking soda and vinegar breaking up hair clamps, allowing the hot water to clear the clog seamlessly. It is advisable to plunge afterward, but if you prefer a more hands-off approach, call a professional plumber for maintenance. Even though vinegar and baking soda are effective DIY solutions, they are short term, and you may require an in-depth inspection.


Use Tweezers

Sometimes the clamp of hair and waste is close to the surface, and all you have to do is to remove the stopper and pull it out. This gross but effective technique mitigates further deterioration and backup emergencies. After removing the hair, clean the sink’s stopper and ensure the hair doesn’t block the drain. Before attempting a manual removal, wear protective gear like gloves. The last thing you want is to touch toxic waste full of bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. Pour hot water down the drain and replace the stopper if you notice signs of deterioration. In case of a recurrence, it means you have a more severe underlying problem that requires the expertise of a plumber in Hermitage.

Use a Drain Snake

A drain snake, also called an auger, is a flexible cord that maneuvers the drain pipes until it reaches the blockage and breaks it down. These tools are found at your local hardware store and provide easy access in tough-to-reach areas. If you use a drain auger and experience the same problem, try baking soda and vinegar. Homeowners should not only rely on a plunger but also add a drain snake to their arsenal of drain-cleaning equipment.

If you try these methods and still notice signs of blockage, call a reputable plumbing service for help. Contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown and schedule an inspection with our expert plumbers. We provide excellent drain cleaning and maintenance service, guaranteed to restore optimum plumbing efficiency.

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