February 07,2019

Clog Removal vs. Hydro Jetting

Backed up pipes and overflowing toilets are some of the most frustrating and messy symptoms of clogged drains and sewer lines. Fortunately, well trained professionals like those at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown have the technology, tools and experience needed to rid your home of those pesky blockages fast. Many homeowners suffering with blocked plumbing are aware of clog removal and hydro jetting services, but aren't sure which technique is right for their situation. Here are a few tips for choosing between a hydro jetting service or traditional clog removal for your problematic pipes.

Conventional Clog Removal

Traditional methods of professional clog removal normally involve the use of a plumbing auger, also known as a snake. This simple yet dependable tool consists of a long cable with either a corkscrew or blade attached to the end. As the tube extends into the pipe, it twisting action of the debris that's blocking the path is released. There are a few different varieties of augers. Straight snakes are designed for the drains in your sink and tub, while a J-bend auger is helpful for toilet clogs. These tools can be found in various models, some which are shorter in length and hand cranked, as well as those which are motorized and can extend deep into your plumbing system. Motorized augers should be used by properly trained and experienced individuals as they can cause extreme damage to your pipes if used incorrectly. Some homeowners will use chemicals for clog removal, but it's important to keep in mind that the harsh ingredients aren't always effective for complete removal of a clog, and they can melt or corrode the inner lining of your pipes over time.

Hydro Jetting Services

The newest form of clog removal on the market is hydro jetting. This innovative service utilizes high powered water jets, which can blast away large blockages and sweep out years worth of hardened debris which may have accumulated on the interior of your plumbing system. Yet, because it involves the use of water, this technique is gentle enough to use on most pipe materials and is ecologically friendly.

How to Know Which Method is Best for You


There are several factors to consider when choosing which route is best for your plumbing system. Conventional clog removal can be extremely helpful for small blockages that are located close to drains. However, for tree root growth or large blockages that are deeply imbedded in your sewer line, it might be best to opt for hydro jetting. Not only will it remove almost any severe clog, it will give your entire drain line a fresh start.

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