December 10,2018

8 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Corroding pipes, large leaks and troublemaking appliances usually require the assistance of a certified plumber. However, smaller issues like drain clogs and simple part replacements can often be performed by homeowners. If you want to properly perform plumbing repairs, it's important that you use the right tools and equipment for the job. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, we enjoy helping our local Ohio and Pennsylvania residents take great care of their plumbing systems. Keep these plumbing tools on hand for fast and easy plumbing maintenance.

Plunger Set

Almost every home in America is equipped with at least one plunger. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they need two different varieties. A flange plunger is designed specifically to clear toilet clogs, and has an additional small circle inside the bell shape to accommodate the toilet drain. A cup plunger is flat on the bottom, perfect for getting rid of clogs in tub, shower and sink drains. It's very important that you keep two in your home, and explain which tool is used for each purpose to avoid cross contamination.

Hand Auger

Some clogs are more stubborn than others. If your plungers fail to do the job, having a hand auger can help you get deeper into your plumbing system to remove blockages. Be sure to only use hand augers for tub, shower and sink drains, not on toilets. You'll need to have a toilet or closet auger for toilet bowls, or you'll risk scratching and marring your porcelain.

Tubing Cutter

These devices make cutting copper pipes quick and simple. They are designed to ensure smooth, even cuts even in harder to reach spaces.


You may also need to cut through other metal materials, plastic piping or hardware. A hacksaw can assist in jobs that require a little extra effort to slice through an item. Be sure to keep extra blades, as they can dull quickly.

Basin Wrench

A basin wrench performs a similar task to a basic wrench, but this unique device has an extra-long shaft with a clamp on the end. This design helps it to reach the narrow spaces that exist between pipes. They are commonly used to adjust bolts underneath cabinets.

Plumbers Putty

Plumbers putty is used to create a water tight seal when joining pipes or securing drains.

Strap Wrench

While you may not care about surface scratches on hidden pipes, you probably don't want to see your brand-new faucet, showerhead or drain suffer damage during installation. A strap wrench will protect your new investments, while allowing you to properly tighten hardware.

Caulk Gun


If you're installing new tubs, backsplash tile, sinks or other items, you'll need to protect them from water. Caulk is an affordable, easy way to seal off fixtures after installation. Keep a few fresh containers of caulk available for last minute installations or repairs, and a caulk gun for precise application.

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