August 23,2018

How to Change a Showerhead

To change your showerhead, you can easily unscrew the showerhead from the shower arm. You can start by applying the hand pressure to unscrew the shower head before you try to use any screw. If the showerhead is proving to be difficult to unscrew, simply make use of an adjustable crescent wrench and look for opposing flat spots along the shower arm and then adjust the wrench to fit the spot before you start loosening the threads on the old showerhead by simply turning it to your left. Once it has loosened out, unscrew the showerhead with your hands to loosen it.

If the showerhead still wouldnt turn after using the wrench, the thread might have become rusty over a period of time, and forcing the showerhead out of the arm may cause serious damages to the shower arm and wall. To avoid damaging the showerhead, arm or the wall, simply contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown to send a professional plumber to salvage the situation.

Installing your new showerhead

Make sure you check the threads on the shower arm before you install the new showerhead. The old Teflon tape must be removed, and then scrub the threads with lightly with a stiff wire brush- this will remove the mineral contents like calcium causing corrosion. The next step is to re-apply the Teflon tape (also known as plumbers tape), to the showerhead threads, and make sure the tape is flat when wrapping. You can make use of between 4 and 5 wraps for this purpose. Just before the new showerhead is screwed on and make sure the new rubber gasket has been put in place.


The next step is to make use of your hand to get the showerhead started on the threads by turning it to the right, this time. Once the showerhead has snagged, just use the wrench to turn it further (do not over-tighten it). The showerheads do not need too much pressure to install, if you apply too much pressure, the threads may become stripped, or the showerhead may crack. Once your showerhead has been installed, simply turn it on and watch out for any possible leak and if you find a leak, simply make use of the wrench to turn the showerhead at half-turn.

Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown for 100% reliable showerhead installation

Sometimes, you may still discover some leaks after turning the showerhead with a wrench and you wonder why. Do not apply too much pressure if you find yourself in this situation, rather, remove the showerhead along with the Teflon tape before reapplying the tape on the threads with 12 wraps applied this time around. You can now re-install the showerhead after applying 12 wraps of plumbers tape. This may be a kind of complication for many people, hence it will make more sense to contact a professional plumber. If you want 100% error-free and reliable new showerhead installation, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, for an affordable showerhead installation.

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