October 30,2019

How to Fix a Leaking Garbage Disposal

Leaking garbage can create much bigger problems, it can lead to serious stinks or terrible water damage. You should learn some tricks about fixing leaky garbage disposal so that you can act fast before the leaks get out of control and create a huge mess in your kitchen. Some signs should tell you there is a garbage disposal leak. A damp and soggy cabinet under your kitchen sink, flooding under the sink, dripping sound under the sink and smell of rotten food emanating from a cabinet in the kitchen are just a few of such signs of leaking garbage disposal.

Diagnosing the Location of Garbage Disposal Leakages

Make sure you remove all items in the kitchen cabinet under the sink, then place a bucket under the sink to collect all items such as leftover foods during a repair. Unplug the garbage disposal and before you stop-up the drain and then fill the sink with few inches of water to determine where the leakage is coming from. Look under the sink especially when the sink is stopped up and if the leak has stopped simply remove the stopper before checking for a leakage at the hose of the dishwasher, then the drain and the bottom of the disposal-most leakages occur in such places and you should also consider checking the water line that is coming from the kitchen wall.

Fixing the Garbage Disposal Leakages

The type of fixing to perform should depend on where the leakage is emanating from. If the leakage is from the top it may mean the sink flange or putty has worn out and cant keep the seal. You need to remove the old flange and clean the worn-out putty before resealing with a new flange or a new potty.

If the leak is from the bottom then the internal seals might have worn out. Fixing a worn-out seal doesnt worth the trouble, please contact us for the necessary repair. If there is a leak from the side, it is probably occurring at the point where the drain lines are directly connected to the side of the garbage disposal. You can tighten the metal clamp with a screwdriver to stop the leakage. Check for leakages at the drain lines and tighten them with a screw. In some cases, the rubber gasket may have to be replaced.

Preventing Garbage Disposal Leaks in the Future


Some tips can help you avoid garbage disposal leaks in the future. Make sure you keep some cold water running when you allow food to go into the disposal. Make sure you follow instructions on what to and what not to put into the disposal. Make sure you inspect cracks and small leaks on the unit.

Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown for Garbage Disposal Issues

If you discover or suspect there is a leak or any other damage to your garbage disposal, please contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, and we will be right there to perform the necessary repair or plumbing replacement services.

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