November 07,2019

How to Fix Garbage Disposal Leaks

A leaky garbage disposal can create more water damage in the home or business premise, this is the reason why you must learn to act quickly and fix the issue. If you are unsure of handling the situation, please contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown.

What are the Signs of Garbage Disposal Leak?

If you discover a damp or soggy cabinet under your skin or flooding emanating under the kitchen sink, then you should suspect leaking garbage disposal. Similarly, a dripping sound emanating from underneath the sink when you run your garbage disposal may also indicate leaking garbage disposal. If you detect spoilt rotten food coming from the cabinet under the sink, then you should also consider checking the garbage disposal for leaks.

How to Diagnose the Location of a Garbage Disposal Leak

You need to remove all items from cabinets located near the sink, then place a bucket under the sink to catch food particles and water coming out. Unplug the garbage disposal, then stop-up the sink drain before filling the basin with few inches of water to discover the source of the leakage. Please check underneath while the sink is stopped-up and if the leak seems to have stopped, gently remove the stopper. Check for leakages in the dishwasher hose, and the drain before you inspect the water lines coming from the wall. Not all garbage disposal leaks can be detected this way, hence you may need the help of a certified local plumber.

Fixing the Garbage Disposal Leak

If the leak is from the top, it may likely mean the sink flange can no longer keep the seal in place. In this situation, you need to dispatch the disposal appliance and clean the old flange before resealing with a new flange.

If it is a leak from the bottom then the seal inside the garbage disposal might have been busted. In this case, you may need a new garbage disposal installation because the cost of replacing an internal seal is not worth the trouble.

If the leak is from the side, it would probably occur where the drain lines connect to the side of the garbage disposal. Use a screwdriver to tighten the metal clamp connecting the lines from garbage disposal to dishwasher. You should tighten the line screws too. If you still detect any leak please contact us for necessary repairs.


Get Garbage Disposal Leak Resolve from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown

There are several ways you can prevent or reduce the risks of garbage disposal leaks. Make sure cold water is running when you put food down the disposal and make sure you don't put items that are not recommended to be put through the disposal. Make sure you inspect your garbage disposal unit for cracks and leaks and contact a certified technician for help.

We can help you in scheduling a maintenance service for your garbage disposal to detect problems before they occur. For simple garbage disposal cleaning to leak detection, and repair or replacement of damaged parts, please contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown.

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