November 15,2022

How to Measure for a Replacement Toilet

Like most things used constantly, consider toilet replacement at some point. Whether it’s frequent leaks, malfunctions, or backup, a damaged toilet can wreak havoc in your home, hence the need to hire a professional plumber to conduct routine inspections and maintenance. Replacing a toilet is more than just buying the first toilet you see within your budget; choosing the wrong size can have a devastating impact. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown has an experienced and well-trained team ready to help you make the best choice for your home.

If you are tired of dealing with the hassles of an old toilet, it is vital to get the right measurements when replacing it. The last thing you want is to purchase a new toilet only to find it doesn’t fit in the designated space. Leverage the expertise and skills of a plumber to ensure a successful toilet replacement project. Here’s how to measure for a new toilet.

Tank Height

Start by measuring the tank height to ensure the new toilet will fit under anything above the old toilet, like shelves. To get an accurate reading, measure the tank height from the floor to the top of the toilet tank using a tape measure. Ensure you measure the very top edge for maximum accuracy. A qualified plumber can help eliminate all the guesswork from the process, guaranteeing an accurate reading before the toilet replacement.


Toilet Depth

Another vital factor to consider when measuring a new toilet is depth. There are round and oval bowls, which vary in comfort and depth. Measure from the edge of the bowl to the back of the toilet to help you choose the right depth for your replacement toilet. Suppose the depth of your current toilet could be more comfortable; onboard a plumber for professional help. We recommend a shallower toilet for people who prefer more space in front of the toilet, but make sure you take the measurements to avoid inconveniences in the future.

Rough-In Measurement

The rough-in measurement refers to the distance between the wall at the back of the toilet and the center of the waste pipe. Measure the wall to the middle of the bolt caps holding the toilet on the floor. If your current toilet has four bolt caps, ensure you measure to the rear set for a more accurate reading. These three measurements are crucial when picking out a new toilet, but if you need help, you can rely on our plumber to do all the heavy lifting.

Now that you have all the measurements, it is time to look at some toilets that meet your desired specifications. While the local home improvement store has a team to help you find a new toilet, it is essential to consult a reliable plumbing service for professional guidance. Please don’t make a purchase you will regret; contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown to schedule a consultation with a plumber in Struthers, OH. We guarantee exceptional plumbing services at competitive rates.

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