June 30,2019

How to Move a Toilet Over a Few Inches

Plumbing mistakes made during construction may result in situations where the toilet is too close to the walls or a few inches from the shower.

This unusual positioning of the toilet is a violation of bathroom space and hence, the need to fix it becomes necessary. However, it is advised to hire the service of a professional when remodeling any part of your building and Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown can assist in correcting this building mistake.

Moving the location of your toilet isn't a walk in the park but we can handle it effectively.

However, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration before moving the position of the toilet but it is important that you have knowledge of the cost of the renovation. The challenges encountered in moving the position of the toilet even by a few inches are mainly due to the underlying plumbing not the surface elements. Some of the considerations include and not limited to:

Water Supply

Water supply is of high importance in the toilet, so care has to be taken not to obstruct the flow of water or tamper with the point where water reaches the toilet. It goes without mention that the toilet needs to be moved to a position that contains water lines or the supply line from the moved toilet can access water from the already existing water supply line. It is also advisable to tap water from the shower or the sink water supply line.

Finally, when moving the toilet, it is very important to avoid exposing the water line when moving the toilet. If the line which is behind the toilet is exposed, you will have to move the position of the line.

Drainage system

The main drain or vent system is used by other drainage systems, apart from the toilet, in the home, so it wont be possible to move it when changing the location of your toilet. The alternative solution in such a situation is that the toilet line that enters the main drain will either be shortened, lengthened or re-directed. Need drain cleaning in Yountstown? Call us now.

National building codes

Theres a minimum distance of the toilet from the wall, sink, shower/tub and other fixtures as stipulated by the national building codes. It is essential that you have a good idea of what the building code stipulates in terms of the minimum distance before moving the position of your toilet.

Concrete slab foundation impediment


In situations where your bathroom is on a concrete slab, it's imperative that the concrete be broken so as to install the drains that lead to the sewer lines. The concrete slabs are broken in order to have access to the waste and water lines. The services of experienced professionals are needed to tear up the concrete slab.

Always use a Pro for Toilet installation

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown offers professional advice and services needed in effectively changing the position of your toilet and other aspects of remodel plumbing. And interestingly, our services are cost effective. If you need your plumbing fixed or repaired, call us today to schedule a local plumber in your area! We are licensed and insured.

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