September 04,2018

How to Remove a Shower Drain Cover

Do you constantly have hair collected under your shower drain? This could be the right time to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown.

The collection of hair and some other debris under the shower drain can cause slow draining of water and you don't want to stand inside dirty soapy water at all. There are several kinds of drain covers hence there are several options for removing them but make sure you keep some paper towels in hand when removing the drain cover.

The screw-in drain cover

This type of drain cover appears to be slightly conclave and mostly flat, all you need to do is to unscrew the covers with a flat or Philips head in order to remove it.

The Push and Pull drain cover

This type of drain cover is often confused with the Lift-and-turn drain cover. To remove this drain cover, simply hold the stopper body and unscrew the knob on the top (in a counterclockwise motion)- make use of a rag and pliers for this purpose (the rag will help prevent scratching). You can turn any screw you see with a flathead until it is loose enough to remove the stopper.

The Pop-up type of drain cover

The pop-up drain cover can be easily removed by pulling it up, however, there are some brands or options that will require some back and forth wiggling. There is some rocker-arm type of drain covers that require a complete pull out in order to clear the drain.

The Toe-touch type of drain cover

You can open or close this type of drain cover with a simple push of your toe. It can also be unscrewed in a counter-clockwise motion, through by removing the cap. There are some models that come with shaft cylinder, these models will simply turn with the rotation of their caps and the rotation will complete on its threaded position unto the cross-bar. There are some shaft cylinders that come with threaded and flat-head screwdriver slot that makes the removal of the drain cover a lot easier.

The Flip-It shower drain stopper

This is one of the easiest drain covers you can have, and all you have to do is to pull it free from the drain. You don't require any tool to handle this. As you grasp the body, simply rotate the cover as you pull it, without any toggle.


Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown if you are still stuck

Despite the removal of the drain cover, there are some occasions you may still find it difficult to remove the hair or other debris under the drain cover. Your ideal solution, in this case, is to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown- a certified, bonded and professional plumber will be assigned to you to inspect and perform the most effective solution.

There is also a wide range of hair removal tools and solutions you may also deploy but it makes a whole lot of sense to contact a prolific plumber to avoid complicating the issue further.

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