October 05,2022

How to Snake a Drain?

Plumbing systems are essential parts of every residential or commercial building. A well-maintained system improves your premises’ function, efficiency, and safety, hence the need to schedule regular inspections with a professional plumber. The most common problem with these systems is a blockage caused by the accumulation of solid waste in the drain lines or flushing the wrong items down the toilet. When you detect slow drains in your home, Mr. Rooter Plumbing can help you clear any clogs and make necessary repairs to restore your plumbing to optimal capacity.

Although drain cleaners are effective in clearing blockage, you risk severe damage to your lines from corrosion. However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can use tools to clog out the drain. A drain snake is a standard industry tool used by professionals, but homeowners can still use it with little training or expertise.

Why Should I Use a Drain Snake?

Many items pass through your drains, and there’s no wonder there will be a clog eventually. Hair, grease, shampoo, soap, food waste, tissue, and everything that goes down the toilet can build up, resulting in a slow or completely clogged drain. Fortunately, a drain snake can ease the clearing process if the clog is in small drains like the kitchen and bathroom sink.

A drain snake is a handy tool long enough to dive deep into the clogged drain lines and fish out the buildup. Modern snakes are fitted with electric drills, helping them gain sufficient force to push further down the pipes. While a drain snake effectively clears easy blockages, if the problem is recurring, consider hiring a skilled plumber to inspect your plumbing.

How to use a Drain Auger

Most plumbers prefer a manually operated drain auger to clear the drain easily. If you want to use a drain snake to clean your drain pipes, insert the drill into the pipe and ensure you wear protective gear before turning the handle containing the coiled-up auger. Once the drain snake goes down your lines, continue pushing until you reach the buildup or feel some resistance.


Maintain your grip strength at this point and apply pressure on the handle so that the auger bends around the tight curves of your plumbing. This movement allows the snake to push through and reach the blockage. Continue rotating the handle clockwise to grind the clog until you are certain it has broken free. The rotation movement helps the tip of your tool to break down the buildup for easy removal.

Clean the drain snake and repeat the process for certainty. Once you are certain the drain snake has clung to the blockage, rotate back the drill in an anti-clockwise movement until it pops out. After removing the blockage, flush water through the drain with force for a few minutes to wash away any residue lingering in the pipes.

Consult a Professional

While many solutions help you clear clogged drains, schedule routine maintenance checks with a trusted plumber to ensure everything is functioning as expected. Contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing and schedule an appointment with our representatives. We guarantee quality plumbing services at competitive market prices.

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