June 11,2018

How to Test Water Pressure at Home

If you think the water pressure at your home is not normal, then there is need to test whether its low or too high and you can do-it-yourself.

However, before going ahead to test for water pressure at home, you need to understand that during summer, the water pressure goes low because of increase in water demand by domestic users. Some people fill up their swimming pools while at the same time, others water their lawn. Such activities reduce the pressure and bring down the efficiency of the system.

The acceptable range of water pressure for domestic purposes is between 40 to 80 psi (Pounds per square inch). Whether the water pressure is low or high; you can find that out by following the procedure suggested by plumbers from Mr. Rooter of Youngstown. You can test for water pressure if you notice the following signs:

  • If your water cistern takes so long to refill, then you can check the refill time because it shouldnt take more than one and a half minute.
  • Have you noticed an interruption of water flow from your shower? Maybe it flows slower when somebody flushes the toilet or turns on the taps
  • You are waiting longer than usual for your bath to refill and the taps are not flowing normally

If you have noticed the above signs, then its time to test for water pressure at how

Home water testing procedure

You need to search online for water pressure gauge kit; probably, you can get a good one from Amazon. You can also get them at your local hardware stores.

  • Precaution: turn off every gadgets and appliance using water in your homes like washing machines, refrigerator ice makers, sprinklers, shower heads, taps, and dishwashers
  • Select a water outlet, preferably the washing machine or hose pipe that is outside. Then, tighten the gauge by hand but if it's leaking, then use a plier.
  • You can also use a seal to reduce any leakages, then slowly release the outlet but make sure it is fully opened.
  • Dont read the pressure until the needle on the gauge stops moving.

The home water testing should be done at different locations to get an average reading. If the reading is not between the acceptable range between 40 and 80 psi, then something is wrong with the water line, and a professional should be invited from Mr. Rooter of Youngstown.

However, if the reading is above 80 psi, then you need to adjust the water reducing valve. You can conveniently adjust the water pressure valve by turning a screw once you identify the valve


We can help you!

Most residential water pressure challenges come from clogs or leakages along the water lines. Nevertheless, identifying them with advanced equipment is not time-consuming, and it can be affordable when you use a professional.

Call us for any plumbing issue at home or office because we have experienced and certified plumbers who will take the pressure off you. Be sure to get amazing services and results when we are involved in your home improvement or renovation project.

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