April 22,2019

Installing a Smitty Plate

Smitty plates come in very handy as an affordable way to make your shower or bathtub look beautiful following a repair or valve upgrade. Rather than patching the wall and retiling the work area, a smitty plate can fit snugly over the hole, providing a neat and tidy look. Using a smitty plate allows homeowners to avoid the extra costs in materials and labor. Unfortunately, many arent sure how to use one. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, were proud to provide premium plumbing services for home and business owners in Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding cities. Are you interested in using a smitty plate for your shower or bath valve replacement? Here are some tips to help make your project successful.

Step One Choose Your Smitty Plate

The first step is to purchase the correct smitty plate. There are multiple varieties of plates available, including no hole, one hole or three hold models. They are also made from a range of popular, durable materials like polished stainless steel, brass, oiled bronze and brushed nickle, so youre sure to find one that matches your unique style preference.

Step Two Attach the Brackets

After youve chosen the best smitty plate for you, its time to prepare the plate by attaching the accompanying brackets. The materials needed to perform this task should be included in the plate package.

Step Three Screw the Plate to the Wall

Slide the brackets into the wall hole and gently pull the brackets until they are tight against the back side of the wall. Use a basic screwdriver to tighten the plate, and make sure its level with the wall.

Step Four Attach Appropriate Escutcheon

Install the escutcheon that goes with your new valve and the rest of your new hardware. Be sure to secure it properly according to the manufacturers directions.

Step Five Seal to Prevent Moisture Damage


Finally, once youve tested the new valve, and are certain everything is in place, its time to seal your plate to the wall. Ignoring this step will cause water to leak into the wall, creating mold growth and extensive property damage. Remove any moisture thats already on the wall around the plate, and use your favorite caulking material to adhere it permanently to the wall.

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