May 31,2018

Outdoor Shower Installation in Youngstown

The advantages of cleaning up your body before getting into the pool or having a quick rinse after gardening cannot be overemphasized.

Outdoor shower installation in Youngstown will give you and other members of your family an opportunity of having cold showers during scorching summer days and you dont always need to get to a pool before getting refreshed when the weather is warm.

And that is why the demand for installation of the outdoor shower has increased in recent times. However, there are plumbing considerations the homeowner should look into before deciding to install an outdoor shower on his property.

Nevertheless, as this valuable home addition is being sought after by homeowners and residents of Youngstown, it is paramount to consult experienced and reliable plumbers in Youngstown from Mr. Rooter Plumbing

For the outdoor shower installation to be efficient and functional, the following needs to be considered:

The location

Dont just pick any spot for the installation of the outdoor shower because the location determines some functionalities and other important factors that will make it last as long as possible.


This is one of the most important considerations when installing outdoor showers. For effective waste water control and to abide by environmental protection regulations, the water should not be drained into the soil or through a bed of stones (depending on the topography of your property).

Greywater has an adverse effect on sensitive plants and other microorganisms in the soil so the water coming from the outdoor shower should not be channeled to the garden rather it should be directed through well-designed drainage system.

Privacy considerations

Though it is an outdoor shower, the privacy of users should be considered during installation. The facility should be located in a way users will not be totally exposed. Therefore, a more secluded spot, preferably the backyard might be ideal.


The ideal spot should be illuminated to a considerable extent. It is not safe having your showers in the dark and if the location is not adequately lighted, most people might not find it attractive to use in the night.

Seasonal considerations

Outdoor showers are mostly enjoyed during the warm months but they are neglected when the temperatures become terribly low. However, for the shower to always be functional and last as long as you wish, frost and rust-proof fixtures should be integrated by the installer. During winter months, the shower should be shut off and dried to prevent the freezing of the pipes.


Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown for outdoor shower installation

We have the expertise and advanced equipment to make sure that the outdoor shower is installed properly and that it functions efficiently. Our plumbers are professionals, reliable and very friendly to interact with even when the installation is ongoing. We will promptly answer your request by sending certified and insured plumbers to inspect your property and probably give you expert advice on the best installation practices that will fit your need.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing you are guaranteed of savvy workmanship and our services are very affordable. So, stop procrastinating and request for an outdoor shower installation.

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