October 19,2022

Signs Your Sewer Line is Damaged

Your plumbing system is an essential part of your building that requires routine maintenance and care. When wastewater leaks, telltale signs can help you detect the problem before it gets out of hand. Mr. Rooter Plumbing conducts in-depth inspections to ensure a long-term solution for an efficient system. When the water flowing down your drains doesn’t reach the septic tank or drain field, it may be time to consult a qualified plumber for sewer line repair. We leverage extensive industry experience and innovative technology to enhance the efficiency and quality of service. Here are signs your sewer line is damaged.

Drains Backing Up

If you see a drain backing up or not draining as expected, you may have a clog somewhere between that fixture and the main sewer line leading out of your home. Standard blockage removal techniques aren’t effective in such situations, hence the need to hire a plumber to inspect, diagnose, and recommend the best cause of action. If your house has many vent pipes and one of them clogs, we can check your vent system for blockage before the damage becomes irreversible.

Slow Drains

There are many causes of slow drains, such as previous clogs, root invasion, waste line cracks, grease accumulation, and broken sewer lines. However, visible signs to look out for include stagnant water when taking a shower or cleaning the dishes. Slow drains can frustrate and cause great inconvenience, showing a more severe underlying problem. You are due for sewer line repair when you see any of these signs.

Presence of Sewer Odors 

The presence of foul smells emanating from your drains or near the septic system is another common sign of sewer line damage. Our experienced plumber can assess your plumbing system and identify failing parts that need repair. Weird smells usually show a leak in the sewer line, leaving your premises susceptible to toxic waste and subsequent health complications. You may discover mold in the ceiling or drywall, meaning the leak is in the foundation.


Greener Grass Near the Septic System

Every property owner wants a lush and appealing lawn. However, when the grass near your septic system appears healthier than the rest of your yard, it is time to hire a sewer line repair service for maintenance. You may also detect stagnant water near the drain field, compromising the safety of your premises and performing your waste management system. Before the damage manifests in your home, we can ensure the leak is detected and repaired.

Cracks in the Foundation and Warped Walls

A leaking sewer line under your house’s slab can go undetected for a long time, resulting in the foundation's deterioration. If it is not treated, it compromises the safety of everyone in your household by weakening the entire structure. Luckily, the damage happens over a long period, giving you time to hire a plumber for maintenance.

A professional should only handle a damaged sewer line to mitigate further damage to the system. Contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing and schedule an appointment with a reputable plumber.

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