January 04,2023

The Most Common Causes of Blocked Drains

If you are a homeowner, you know the sinking feeling when the wastewater refuses to drain. Whether you are taking a shower, rinsing dirty dishes, or flushing the toilet, backup is frustrating and inconvenient. These are common signs of a clogged drain and often show a more severe underlying problem. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown can help you maintain an efficient and durable plumbing system by scheduling regular inspections.

Our highly trained plumber uses industry-standard equipment and extensive expertise to detect trivial signs of deterioration before things get out of hand. While a slow drain may not be a major cause for concern, delaying repairs and drain cleaning can lead to irreversible structural damage and health hazards. If you suspect your drains are not running as expected, here are some potential causes of clogged drains.

Hair and Soap

When the kitchen sink overflows or water pools around your feet in the shower, chances are soap, hair, or a combination of both are responsible. These substances accumulate in your drains, forming a sticky mess that prevents wastewater from draining effectively. Before you pour a handful of drain cleaning products on the problem, consult a professional plumber to prevent recurrence or further damage. A plunger and brute force may be enough when dealing with minor clogs, but you should hire a plumbing service when the problems keep coming back.

Leaves, Dirt, or Twigs

Your drainage system is not limited to your indoor spaces, but your outdoor spaces too. The most common cause of clogged drains outside is dirt and leaves, but you can expect twigs and other debris if there are trees. People in rainy areas must regularly scoop accumulated waste in the drains to mitigate clog-related damages. However, if the problem is severe, we recommend hiring a certified plumber for intensive drain cleaning, such as hydro-jetting services.


Food is the biggest problem for kitchen sinks, especially coffee grounds, grease and oils, and solid particles. When food waste accumulates in your drains, they decay and release bad smells into your home. Although signs of blockage vary, look for slow drains, foul odors, or weird noises emanating from the drains. A plunger or drain auger are effective tools to clear the blockage, but it is advisable to schedule regular maintenance checks with a reputable plumber.


Small Household Objects

The best way to maintain efficient drains is to keep an eye on what you dispose of. This can be quite challenging if you have children constantly throwing various objects down the toilet. We recommend installing a guard in the shower and sinks to prevent objects from slipping through undetected. You should also hire a plumber to conduct routine drain cleaning, which goes a long way toward preventing clogs and subsequent damage.

Wipes and Swabs

Last, refrain from disposing of wipes, swabs, and female hygiene products down the toilet. While these items are labeled "flushable", they are inorganic and take time to break down. If hydro-jetting isn’t performed early, you risk a severe backup, compromising the safety of your home.

We provide our customers with pertinent information to help them maintain functional and durable plumbing systems. Contact us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown and schedule an appointment with our representatives. We guarantee top-quality drain cleaning and maintenance at pocket-friendly rates.

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