July 05,2018

Tips To Protect Your Pipes

Are you concerned about protecting your pipe from sudden burst or damages due to extreme cold condition?

Yes, frozen pipes can burst at extreme weather conditions. Meanwhile, finding a way to protect your pipe is not as difficult as it may seem and you should take it as a responsibility because buying a home and running a business in Youngstown means investing a substantial sum of money. So, you don't want to be caught-up between having hidden problems in your plumbing system that could cost even more to fix. Most times plumbing issues are some of the most common and expensive hidden problems you can get. Most homeowners are therefore advised to take measures to prevent a pipe from getting frozen and avoid other possible damages.

With the tips shared in this article by Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, you can keep your home and business plumbing issues from becoming a full-blown disaster during adverse weather conditions.

Check Exposed Pipes Regularly

Pipes on the exterior are usually exposed to extreme weather condition. Therefore, using pipe insulation such as heat tape, or any adequate insulation around pipe walls can keep the pipes warm enough and prevent it from freezing. Often, exposed pipes in the basement don't get frozen partly because they appear to be in a heated portion of your home but then, plumbing pipes in an unheated area such as an attic, garage, and crawl space are at risk of freezing hence the need to use pipe insulation in such areas.

Avoid Using Galvanized Steel Plumbing System

Most times, copper and galvanised steel plumbing separated by thread or sealant are used in a residential water system, and this often leads to early corrosion at the point of connection. So, to prevent this, it is advisable to use a plumbing fitting such as a dielectric union to connect the galvanic to copper. If you don't understand the difference between galvanized steel plumbing system, you can invite plumbers from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown for inspection.

Use the Right Pipe Connector

The type of connector you use is crucial to ensuring your pipes are well placed and connected. Ensure to find the right fit for your pipe connection, here you may choose to buy connection kit for any specific appliance you wish to connect.

Use a Vacuum-breaker

Water supply differs depending on the place or region. However, it is advisable to allow your water to flow out rather than flowing backwards.

If you get your water supply from the municipal system, the water can flow back at extreme temperature when the pipes connected to your house are frozen. In that case, you may choose to use a vacuum-breaker to prevent it from flowing backwards into the municipal water system.

Keep the Temperature of Your Thermostat Running


For homes that have a central air and heating system, this may appear as a plus. Keeping the temperature of your thermostat and allow it to run through the hour especially when you away helps regulate the temperature around your pipe. The only concern about adopting this method is the cost. However, it is a temporary measure and the overall gain far outweighs the loss or repairing your damage pipe.

For further tips or expert advice about keeping your pipes up and running during winter, call professional plumbers from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown.


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