January 23,2021

Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill

Have your monthly utility bills continued to increase due to more water usage or higher fees? Then you are probably looking for ways to minimize your costs. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, Ohio, we provide high quality commercial and residential services for local property owners. From annual inspections and leak detection services to fixture upgrades, our team is always ready to help you improve the safety and efficiency of your plumbing system. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you save more money long term.

Upgrade Faucets and Shower Heads

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to conserve water is to swap out your existing faucets and shower heads with low flow or energy saving versions that are designed to slash your water usage in half.

Repair Leaks

Leaks can cost homeowners a fortune by significantly increasing monthly utilities while causing massive water damage and toxic mold growth. Therefore, it is essential for financially conscious property owners to routinely invest in inspections at least once a year. Doing so will help you detect hidden leaks before they can cause major problems.

Spend Less Time in the Shower

If you normally prefer to take a bath, or regularly enjoy luxuriously long showers, then you might want to switch to five-minute showers if you want to significantly cut your costs down. While the occasional indulgence won't harm anything, try keeping things to a minimum when it comes to your daily routine.

Install a Dual Flush Toilet

A dual flush toilet can help reduce the amount of water needed each time you use it. These advanced features allow homeowners to use a minimal amount of water, depending on which type of flush is needed.

Invest in a Smart Water Usage Monitor

Smart water usage monitors connect to your plumbing system and provide important analytics information about how much water your household is using. This information can help you make the necessary adjustments to keep your bills as low as possible.

Create a Landscape Design That Requires Less Water

Lawns and gardens take a significant portion of water usage, particularly in the spring and summer months. If you want to lower your costs, consider ways that you can change your landscape designs by using wood mulch, replacing some areas of grass with decorative stones and pavers or by planting trees and ornamental plants that require less water. You can also invest in a rainwater collection system to help mitigate the amount of water needed for landscape maintenance.

Use a Timer for Your Irrigation or Sprinkler System

If you don't want to give up your lush green lawn or insatiable garden tomatoes, then consider using a timer for your sprinkler or irrigation system. This will help curb overwatering while also trying to cut costs as often as possible.

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