July 13,2019

Tree Roots Can Damage Pipes

We all love having trees around our homes because of their many benefits -they provide shade for those pleasurable evening relaxations after a hard day's work and are also desirable for their aesthetic qualities.

Having trees around the home is not a problem in itself. The problem might arise when you have these trees too close to sewer lines. It is a fact that trees, like humans, need water for growth and survival. In the case of drought or severe shortage of water, tree roots can travel long distances in search of water.

However, if you live in an old home, it's possible that the pipes were done with clayey or steel materials which are problematic and are likely to wear with time. So, while planning on having those beautiful trees you see in the movies and neighbors' yard in your home, you might want to take some precautions.

Luckily, you came across this article. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown brings you tips and prevention measures to save you money and stress that could result from having to fix damaged pipes leading from the intrusion of roots.

Things to Watch Out for Before Planting Trees Around the Home

Carry out checks

Before landscaping, carry out checks to determine where the sewer lines are located. Some times this will be difficult without the aid of experienced eyes. You might need to place a call to the local public works department to help in this case.

You want to make sure there's a reasonable distance between the site for the trees and the water or sewer lines.

Plant in a quality soil

Ensure the site selected for the trees have enough moisture and nutrients so that tree roots will not go far in the bid to survive.

Avoid trees with far-reaching roots

Plant trees that have non-intrusive roots. Some trees, though beautiful and charming, have far-reaching roots that can cause more harm than good. You'd eventually have to let them go in the end. So, why take that risk?

Go for slow growing species

Plant slow-growing species of trees and avoid the fast-growing ones. The roots of trees spread as they grow. So, the slower the growth, the better!

Trees to Avoid When Landscaping Your Home


They are big and beautiful but thrive only in areas richly endowed with moisture and nutrients. They will naturally have far-reaching roots. It's not ideal for homes.


These are beautiful with rope-like roots. They too are intrusive.

Poplar trees

Many homeowners would love to have these trees around their homes because of it's beauty and huge canopies. However, it's not the right choice. Poplar has some of the worst root invasive systems. Roots can typically grow three times the size of the tree.

Citrus trees


These are already known by some to be bad for landscaping. Roots grow and expand with time and will eventually work their way through pipes (with cracks) and do damage.


While Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown has brought you these tips and precautions, you might already be facing issues with your plumbing. You need to act fast as these issues could deteriorate quickly. Get across to us now, and we will help you by providing great and lasting solutions.

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