February 07,2023

Ways to Avoid Costly Drainage Repairs

Your drainage is a vital part of your plumbing, allowing waste to flow out of your home. Many homeowners only think about their drainage once a problem requires a professional plumber. However, serious emergencies can be avoided by scheduling routine inspections with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown. Leverage our extensive industry experience and knowledge to ensure small telltale signs of deterioration are addressed before things get out of hand.

You may have a blocked drain when you notice stagnant water in the shower or a slow kitchen sink drain. These common issues can be solved with brute force and a plunger. Even if you restore function to your drainage system, we recommend hiring a reputable plumber to assess your system. Here are preventative tips to avoid system damage and costly drain line repair.

Keep the Area Around the Fixture Clean

The first step to ensuring your drainage is running at high performance is to keep the area around your kitchen and bathroom fixtures clean. If you spring a leak or suspect a problem with your plumbing, a clean area allows you to detect the leak and other problems that need maintenance. Many homeowners don’t see minor signs of damage in time, resulting in severe plumbing damage and expensive drain line repair services.

Routine Leak Detection

As mentioned, most people only detect signs of drainage damage once it gets out of hand. Leaks are common plumbing issues that usually go undetected, especially if you don’t know where to start or what to look for. We use industry-standard leak detection equipment and proven strategies to eliminate guesswork and pinpoint the damaged line. Look out for soggy patches in your yard and foul smells, showing a leaky line on the premises.


Check Your Water Meters Periodically

When the fixtures in your home are turned off, the water meter remains stationary. If you notice even a slight change in the reading, you have a water problem that can cause structural deterioration and fungal growth. Checking the meter is a simple but effective preventative measure and helps you save a lot of money in the long haul. Another sign that prompts checking the meter is a shockingly high water bill.

Check for Corrosion on Pipes

Whether a water intake line or a drainage pipe, it is bound to experience wear. With that in mind, drain lines are more susceptible to corrosion because of the drain cleaning chemicals and waste that goes down your drains and toilet. Visible signs of corrosion include green stains near copper fittings and water valves. We can help restore your plumbing to optimal condition by addressing corroded pipes before the damage grows and effluent fills your premises.

As a homeowner, you may need more experience and expertise from a seasoned plumber. However, small preventative measures go a long way in preventing devastating water damage and subsequent costly repairs. Contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown and schedule a consultation with our professional plumbers. We provide various services at competitive rates, including drain line repair and maintenance.

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