December 29,2018

Ways to Improve Your Water Heaters Efficiency

Do your utility costs continue to rise? Whether your extra expenses are caused by a growing household or fee increases, there are steps you can take to reduce the financial impact on your budget. Many homeowners don't realize their water heater can account for up to 20% of their energy usage. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, Ohio, we enjoy helping our clients find new ways to lower their costs and increase their comfort. Here are a few ways you can put more cash in your pocket by improving your water heaters efficiency.

Reduce Your Temperature Setting

All water heater models have a thermostat, and you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your individual needs. Some households may not be aware that their temperature settings are higher than necessary. 120 degrees is the recommended temperature, because if it's set higher you'll lose efficiency and increase the risk of burns. On the other hand, water thats less than 120 degrees could encourage bacteria growth. If your settings are higher, then turning it down to 120 degrees could help you save up to 5% on your annual heating costs.

Insulate your Water Tank and Pipes

While you can easily control the temperature of your hot water tank, it isn't so easy to direct the degree of heat outside. When the fall and winter weather drops to freezing temperatures, it can quickly drain the warmth of your bath water. In addition, non-insulated pipes have a higher chance of bursting due to fluctuations in air pressure within your plumbing system. Proper insulation will help you avoid expensive repairs, and will keep your water hot as it moves throughout your house.

Repair Leaks and Replace Old Hoses

Water leaks can quickly drain the hot water in your tank. Not only does this reduce efficiency, but over time the water damage can undermine the safety and integrity of your home. Even small leaks can rot wood flooring, cause mold growth and create a need for premature home renovations. If you suspect that a leak exists somewhere in your pipes, be sure to call a certified plumber and schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

Periodically Drain Your Tank


Your homes fresh water contains many kinds of minerals. Eventually, certain materials like calcium and magnesium can begin to build up in your tank. If left, the sediment can coat the bottom of your tank and harden, making it more and more difficult to heat the water through the layers of debris. Ignoring this issue can cause overheating, early corrosion and might even crack or rupture the tank itself. Thankfully, these problems can be avoided by occasionally draining and flushing your tank. If performed once or twice a year, you'll keep mineral deposits at a minimum, lower your utility costs and increase the longevity of your tank over time.

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