December 08,2022

What is a Dual Flush Toilet?

If you consider replacing your toilet with a better one, you may have heard about a dual flush toilet. While it looks like your ordinary toilet, the mechanics are different, and it is crucial to know the specifics before scheduling a toilet installation project. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown wants you to make more informed decisions the next time you shop for a new toilet. So, before investing in a dual-flush toilet, let’s consider what it is all about.

How a Dual Flush Toilet Works?

The opening at the bottom of the toilet, also known as a tramway, is larger than the conventional single-flush toilet. Since the opening where the wastewater exists in the bowl into the sewer drain is larger, flushing is more efficient and reduces the risk of clogs. A dual flush toilet uses special mechanisms to regulate the amount of water to push the waste to the sewer drain, so there’s no siphoning action like a typical toilet.

You can purchase these systems at your local home improvement store, but it is vital to consult an experienced plumber for professional toilet installation. The first valve is controlled using the regular toilet handle, and the second is controlled with a push button or lever handle. This means you have a separate solid and liquid waste flush mechanism that only uses half the water a standard toilet would.

Liquid waste is flushed more than solid waste most of the time, and a dual flush toilet solves save gallons of water annually. Although solid waste requires more water to flush, the larger trapway requires less water than standard units to remove waste.

The Difference Between Dual Flush and Standard Toilets

Toilets handle human waste and toilet paper. While both toilets serve a similar function, the way they flush the waste into the sewer system is different. Standard toilets use one flush action regardless of what goes down the drain, wasting much water.


You can decide whether you want a solid or liquid flush with dual-flush toilets. These systems ultimately use less water, and their design is geared towards improving efficiency. Now that you know how it works and the difference between a conventional unit, is it the right toilet for you?

Is a Dual Flush Toilet a Good Option?

If you want a toilet to upgrade, we recommend one of these water-efficient toilets. We can dispatch a licensed plumber to your home for professional toilet installation services and pertinent information to make the most out of it. Some adjustments you need to make recognizes there are two flush mechanisms for solid and liquid waste,

Since the toilet uses less water, your toilet can get dirty quickly. Unlike conventional toilets, you may be required to clean your toilet to avoid foul odors frequently. If you are ready to invest in a dual-flush toilet, contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown and schedule an appointment. We guarantee top-quality toilet installation and maintenance at competitive market rates.

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