July 11,2021

What Is Water Jetting & Why Your Property Would Need It

A clog is easily among the top sewer system or plumbing system issues. Many homeowners and business owners view clogs as a minor inconvenience, but a blockage can actually cause serious damage to the drain line. Fortunately, there are many solutions to this common problem. If you want long-lasting and thorough results, though, you should consider a water jetting drain cleaning. Qualified plumbers such as those at Mr. Rooter Plumbing have plenty of methods to tackle clogged drains and water jetting, or hydro jetting, is a popular choice. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to consult with a representative or schedule an appointment today. We can also arrange an emergency dispatch.

The Risk of Clogs

Drain lines play a simple yet crucial role in keeping living spaces sanitary. Their one job of delivering waste and wastewater out and away from the premises is rarely interrupted from the outside but is commonly inhibited internally. Non-biodegradable debris and other muck can get stuck in the drain line and prevent the proper flow of waste and wastewater. Though the minor symptoms of a clog are easy to brush off, ignoring a clog can make way for bigger problems such as:

  • Water or sewage backups.
  • Corroded and cracked drains or pipes.
  • Sewage leaks, sinkholes, and indentations in the yard.
  • A cracked foundation.
  • Insect and rodent infestations.

Prevention and Unclogging

The best way to deal with clogs is by preventing them from happening, but it is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility. Still, you can reduce the risk of clogs with some mindfulness and gadgets:

  • Install drain filters, garbage disposals, and grease traps to catch gunk before they have a chance to enter the drain field.
  • Only flush toilet paper, pee, and poo. Keep hygiene products, paper towels, and anything else out of the toilet.
  • Do not pour used fats, oils, and greases into the kitchen drains.
  • Keep scrap foods out of the kitchen sink.

You can also take some extra precaution by rinsing drains regularly. We recommend rinsing drains with hot water once a week and with vinegar and baking soda once every few months. Finally, arrange a professional hydro jetting drain cleaning once every couple of years for like-new, clean drains.

What Is Hydro Jetting?


Hydro jetting has become a popular option for drain cleaning because it offers safe and thorough results. This process begins with a video inspection of the drain line, the goal of which is to evaluate the condition of the drain as well as to locate the blockage.

Then, the blockage will be blasted with pressurized water to break it down and flush it away. This pressurized water is capable of tearing through even dried concrete, tree roots, and some metals, but our plumber will adjust the water pressure according to the toughness of your pipes. If your pipes are too fragile, then we may recommend a pipe repair or replacement.

Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to learn more about hydro jetting and schedule your flexible appointment today.


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