November 23,2022

Why is Water Quality Important?

The quality of water in your home determines the well-being of your family’s health. Low water quality means it is not pure and contains impurities like minerals, microbes, and heavy metals that damage your plumbing and make people sick. If you need professional help to understand water quality, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown is the go-to plumbing service. Our team of expert technicians leverage extensive industry knowledge and innovative equipment to monitor the water quality in your home and ensure your plumbing is running at high performance. The first step to a safe home and durable plumbing system is hiring a professional plumber for regular inspections.

Common Water Quality Issues

If you are not sure the water flowing into your home is safe, you need to work with a trusted plumbing service for in-depth assessment, diagnosis, and practical solutions. Hard water usually has a high concentration of minerals, which appear as chalky deposits in various faucets around your home—failing to address the problem results in the accumulation of mineral deposits in the pipes, creating a partial or complete blockage. The most effective solution to deal with hard water is hiring a plumber to install a water softener.

Another standard water quality problem change in PH. Safe drinking water should have a PH level of 7, although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends safe drinking water with a PH level between 6.5 to 8.5. A reading below seven is acidic, and an acidic neutralizer is precisely what you need to mitigate the problem. Prolonged consumption of acidic water is not just affecting your health, but also the efficiency of your plumbing.

Do you detect a weird smell or taste in the water? If so, foul odors are usually caused by decaying organic matter in the lines, resulting in clogs, health complications, and other plumbing problems. We assess the plumbing system to ensure the issue is detected and addressed. If foul smells are only coming from hot water, it may be time to have a plumber inspect the heating components of your water heater.

Health Risks of Poor-Quality Water

Drinking unsafe water can cause a range of health issues. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), drinking causes the most common health problems in the country contaminated water. Some conditions you get from poor-quality water include hepatitis, giardiasis, norovirus, e. coli, and shigellosis.


Ingesting contaminated water is not the only way waterborne infections develop. You can also inhale contaminated droplets in the shower, causing legionnaires’ disease and other severe respiratory complications. Although the impact is not immediate, delaying repairs can be fatal.

Work with a Professional Plumbing Service

When you schedule a consultation with our experienced plumber, we go the extra mile to ensure your water is safe for consumption. We conducted a complete water test to monitor your water quality, alleviating issues like microorganisms, hardness, corrosiveness, and metals. If you rely on private or municipal water services, they must provide a consumer confidence report yearly.

Contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, and schedule a consultation with our team of professionals. We guarantee nothing short of excellence in every plumbing job without breaking the bank.

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